KAPOWDER® Is female founded company and created to fit easily into your daily routine and lifestyle, with a minimalist approach to a highly crafted collection of all natural formulas, that fulfil your wellness and beauty lifestyle.
By adding our essentials into your daily routine, it will purify, alkaline, boost energy, maintain a healthy weight  and enhance skin collagen, improve skin health, gut health and overall well-being without damaging our
Valentina Ferrer as co-owner works along side their trained team specialist's and nutritionist's to adapt and grow the company into a worldwide favourite.

KAPOWDER is here to change the wellness game.

Making the most unique plant-based blends, delicious nectar, capsules and concentrated oral supplements. All made of the highest quality of bio-available ingredients and proven efficacy. Everyone is a superhuman, and we are here to bring it out to glow.

KAPOWDER is a proud Australian and Argentinian owned and run company. Our trained team have carefully selected and crafted our products by using ethically sourced ingredients with have proven efficiency. All products are vegan, gluten free, GMO free and cruelty free.

Superfoods have been around for generations and are hailed as a hero for health, that have many benefits as a natural fuel for the mind and body. We wanted to put together a product that can be relevant and that works for any person wanting to enhance their health.

A daily nourishment by natural formulas. No nasties here.

"When I started KAPOWDER in 2014, I wanted to make wellness as much of an element of personal style as beauty and fashion. As I tried every product under the sun, I became more and more aware of how flawed ingestible standards are. It has historically been an industry based on experts telling you, what you should or shouldn't be eating on a daily basis drawn from a pyramid chart. Realistically we don't all eat like this, and KAPOWDER was created to make it easy, affordable and cool to be healthy.

- Sara Davey Founder