KAPOWDER Revitaliser


We are a women-owned health and wellness company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our company and products are the result of a synergistic power duo that was formed from the mutual desire to offer simple all-natural health products you can trust.

Co-Founder and social media phenom Valentina Ferrer began endorsing the products in her Instagram content which gave the company its initial exposure.

In addition to their direct-to-consumer channels, KAPOWDER® has recently taken the wholesale market by storm, locking in retail behemoths such as Woolworth's, Erewhon, Revolve, and Whole Foods.

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Note From The Founders

"Hola, Bienviendo. We are so happy to be with you on your journey.

KAPOWDER was born out of our passion for natural living and simplicity of life.

We grew up in the hills of Argentina and in Australia. Living surrounded with natures best sources of ingredients for our overall health benefits in the most natural way.

Spending hours outside playing sports, enjoying fruits and vegetables.

Since going on to build KAPOWDER. An Australian Made, all natural dietary supplement company.

We believe in small changes to your daily habits, with ease and simplicity can add an extra layer of enhancement to your life. We want to share this with you, especially during these demanding times. 

Delivering healthy resources in a simply way for everyone to have access to is our mission.

Health and wellness should not be time consuming, or a fixed state, though we believe in making it to pleasurable one. Creating a connection with your everyday life and inner energy."

-Sara Davey & Valentina Ferrer


Apart from creating powerful wellness products, one of our passions at KAPOWDER is constantly developing our brand with sustainable processes.

100% of our manufacturing is done onshore in Australia. By offering this we instantly lower our green house emissions by significantly. Our facilities are solar powered and produce zero waste.

All of our product packaging is 100% recyclable and or reusable.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate that create positive changes for a brighter future. 

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