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VITALITY | Matcha-Infused Daily Greens Multivitamin Powder

VITALITY | Matcha-Infused Daily Greens Multivitamin Powder

Replace your morning cup of coffee with this matcha-infused multivitamin blend. 

Add to your morning smoothie. The blend of essential greens, juices, and matcha gives you energy without jitters or crashes. Rich in vitamins and minerals with maximum bioavailability. Tastes like exotic citrus with a dash of green tea.

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-Full spectrum of green specific ingredients.

-Leafy greens, sprouts, juices, algae & grasses.

-Algae-derived trace mineral complex.

-Live bio-available ingredients.

-Vegan and alkaline.

Time Best Taken

Morning time.

How to use

Use daily, in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle to improve wellness.

To optimise the benefits we recommend you have 1scoop twice daily. Best prepared in filtered water, coconut water, smoothies or the choice is yours.


Matcha, Acai Berry, Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu, Lucuma, Goji, Raspberry, Chlorella.


Tantalising citrus.

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