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Bundle and save 10%! Our collection of concentrated liquid formulas designed to get you what your body needs in just a few drops a day. 

DETOXIFIER is a blend of dandelion, milk thistle, globe artichoke and cilantro, designed to support healthy liver function, detoxification, and regeneration. Add a few drops to a glass of water or under the tongue before a meal to enjoy the fresh citrus flavor.

SAVIOUR is a concentrated biotin formula that protects and enhances the natural glow of your hair, skin and nails. Get your daily dose of biotin with a few drops added to water or taken directly under the tongue. Enjoy the summer berry flavor any time of day.

REVITALISER replenishes your body's vital stores of essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorous, to name a few. Add a few drops to a glass of water or directly under the tongue for a fresh mint flavor.

All products in the LIQUID BUNDLE are vegan-friendly and offer an easy and convenient way to support your health and wellness.
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