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STRENGTH is an all-natural vegan protein blend, crafted using the highest quality ingredients. Zero synthetics.

The combination of three powerful plant proteins, hemp seed, bio-fermented brown rice, and pea means you can feel comfortable about what's going into your body.

This combo creates a highly nutritional, easy digestible protein powder perfect for people sensitive to lactose, gluten and soy.

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-Bio-fermented live protein.

-Over 80% raw digestible protein with live enzymes & high levels of BCAA.

-Free from: Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, preservatives, corn & GMOs.

-Nothing artificial, no synthetic.

-Alkalising & Low in carbs.

-Suitable for Vegans.

Time Best Taken

Straight after workout or when you have a sweet craving.

How to use

Use daily, in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle to improve wellness.

To optimise the benefits we recommend you have 1scoop twice daily. Best prepared in filtered water, coconut water, smoothies or the choice is yours.


Hemp, Bio Fermented Wholegrain Brown Rice, Pea Protein, Coconut Water, Peruvian Cacao.


Creamy chocolate delight.

Powerful Plant-based Protein

Rich in flavour with zero sugar. A blend of three plant-based proteins with delicous Peruvian Cacao for a smooth, creamy consistancy.

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