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RECOVERY | Vegan-Friendly Magnesium Powder

RECOVERY | Vegan-Friendly Magnesium Powder

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Relieve stress and improve sleep with this all-new vegan and alkaline magnesium blend. 

Adding a daily scoop of the sweet berry flavour to your water or favorite beverage supports healthy muscles and bones. 

With the addition of Calcium, Vitamin OoC and Berry Juice, this new formula now assists your overall muscle recovery, playing a vital role in healthy metabolism.

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-Supports healthy muscle function and relaxation.
-Relieves muscle cramp relief and mild muscle spasms.
-Supports energy production.
-Assists bone development and supports bone health.
-Relieves tiredness and fatigue.

-Vegan and alkaline.

Time Best Taken

Straight after workout or before bed.

How to use

Use daily, in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle to improve wellness.

To optimise the benefits we recommend you have 1scoop daily. Best prepared in filtered water, or the choice is yours.

Ingredients Highlights

Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, Calicum, Vitamin C, Bery Juice.


Sweet light berry.

The Ultimate Relaxation.

Formulated with 2 high preforming bioavailable magnesiums for relaxation, brain health, stress, and sleep.

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